Friday, 12 October 2012

Happy Day of Rest

I wish every human being can have the weekly rest that I am enjoying.  Each week, I take a stop from my tiresome and head cracking work.  Burdens and stress are almost to crush me every end of the day.  But thank God, He doesn't want me to die soon.  He gives me a pause every end of each week to rejuvenate my body, recuperate and recover to get ready for another week-the Sabbath.
          Each week, I look forward to this day.  To me, it's like a most awaited prize for working hard through        
          out the week.  It's like getting an ice cream after working so hard.  Indeed, it's a happy day of rest. In
          lesson plans, and even my classes. this day I forget all my worries and work related-thoughts. I forget
          even my classes and my students. Ha ha ha!

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