Friday, 12 October 2012

Happy Day of Rest

I wish every human being can have the weekly rest that I am enjoying.  Each week, I take a stop from my tiresome and head cracking work.  Burdens and stress are almost to crush me every end of the day.  But thank God, He doesn't want me to die soon.  He gives me a pause every end of each week to rejuvenate my body, recuperate and recover to get ready for another week-the Sabbath.
          Each week, I look forward to this day.  To me, it's like a most awaited prize for working hard through        
          out the week.  It's like getting an ice cream after working so hard.  Indeed, it's a happy day of rest. In
          lesson plans, and even my classes. this day I forget all my worries and work related-thoughts. I forget
          even my classes and my students. Ha ha ha!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Walk Today

Today, I decided to walk half a  kilometer from my place to a market area.  I wanted to help lessen the pollution in our air and save gasoline too.  It might not be much today, but in the near future, I know it can make a difference. So will you.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Do It Again Please

Today, a group young people gathered and decided to clean their surrounding.  This is something so inspiring. I wished I had brought my camera with me then.  And I wish there would be more of this kind of group.  If only one person will decide to do this each day for one month.  Then this place we are in would become a better place and we would be happier. Thank you young ladies and gentlemen. do it again next time.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Black sink

Today, I was so upset.  You know why? When I arrived from school, the first thing I saw was our stainless sink which turned to black. My niece in her effort to clean our sink poured out Muriatic acid on it.  And you know how it looks now.  It's like a charcoal.  My heart sank when I saw it.  I pity our sink.  I don't want to even glance at it right now.  It really  disappointed me and ruined my day.  I wished she had asked or inquired before doing it.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Go Green

 I captured this with my tiny camera at the seashore of
 Romblon Island seashore one cool morning.
Each day,  we make choices that affect  our environment. These little decisions we do, 
either recreate or destroy our world. Sometimes we get so depressed thinking that the simple stuff we make can't do anything with the huge world we have.  Much more when you think that you are only one individual doing one good work against the many who do  large destructive ones. But what can you and I do? A lot of stuff actually. These little stuff may seem insignificant to other people.  But no matter how small it may seem, I am convinced it can have an impact on others or even on one single soul in this planet earth.

I watched the sea water of a certain spot in Romblon Island one morning.  Gazing at it from a distance, I was so amazed at its beauty. I decided to come closer, and  take a photo of it with my camera which was with me most of the times.
What actually caught my attention was not the beauty but the green part of it as it harmonized with the blue sea water behind it.  I actually went to that spot to pour out my  ill feelings about one person who seemed so rude to me that day. I went there because I wanted to shout and cry where no one could hear or see me.  But after I watched that green place closely, I forgot all about my bad feelings.  And I left that lovely place a different person.   It did something for me that day. That green stuff changed my heart, my thoughts and even emotions. What if there were no green in the spot?  What if I only saw brown? It would have been a different story. Thanks for the green stuff.

Let's Help Clean Our Air Today

Today join me  to;

1. Choose to walk instead of riding.  Studies have found that  twenty to thirty minutes of walking at least three or more times a week lessens your risk of heart diseases.  It also keeps your immune system strong and prevents you from being vulnerable to other diseases.
2. Chew a gum instead of smoking.  Smoking causes lung cancer as we know it. Think about this.  Each  time you consume a single stick of cigarette, you are depositing a certain amount in your future hospital bills.  You too are bringing yourself closer to your own grave. If you chew a gum, you exercise your face muscles and helps you look younger.
3. Allow the leaves to dry instead of burning them. When you let the leaves dry and decay, you help fertilize our soil.  If you burn them, you participate in the mass destruction of our ozone layer.
4. Bake your fish instead of frying it. You contribute smoke and take part in polluting our air each time you fry something. When you bake your fish, you keep the smoke in your oven.

These four things may be too simple and insignificant. But I believe if a few of us can try them each day, we too can make a little difference in the care of our environment.

Thank You Guys

Today, two of my students in my Public Speaking and Performing Arts Class performed on stage at EVA International SDA Church during the Sabbath School program.

That was a great performance.  I never thought they could do it well.  You made me so happy today Alem and Jaysam with your great performance.  My warm congratulations to you guys.  Indeed "your to shine Sam!" Please keep it up!