Saturday, 22 September 2012

Let's Help Clean Our Air Today

Today join me  to;

1. Choose to walk instead of riding.  Studies have found that  twenty to thirty minutes of walking at least three or more times a week lessens your risk of heart diseases.  It also keeps your immune system strong and prevents you from being vulnerable to other diseases.
2. Chew a gum instead of smoking.  Smoking causes lung cancer as we know it. Think about this.  Each  time you consume a single stick of cigarette, you are depositing a certain amount in your future hospital bills.  You too are bringing yourself closer to your own grave. If you chew a gum, you exercise your face muscles and helps you look younger.
3. Allow the leaves to dry instead of burning them. When you let the leaves dry and decay, you help fertilize our soil.  If you burn them, you participate in the mass destruction of our ozone layer.
4. Bake your fish instead of frying it. You contribute smoke and take part in polluting our air each time you fry something. When you bake your fish, you keep the smoke in your oven.

These four things may be too simple and insignificant. But I believe if a few of us can try them each day, we too can make a little difference in the care of our environment.

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