Friday, 21 September 2012

You too can make a difference today.

The problem with us humans is, often we try to do things trying to impress others or someone.
We often forget this fact that, "You don't have to be somebody to make a difference in someone's life."
Jim was a garbage collector who came to pick up all the trash in the neighborhood and area he lived.
Nobody asked him to do it or paid  him. For 15 years, nobody seemed to notice or thank him for cleaning the mess people in that area made day in and day out. Yet Jim kept collecting all day.  One cool morning, someone invited him to his home. It was Frank. And this was what Frank said. "Jim, I have watched you from day one until this morning for fifteen years." Jim felt uneasy.  "I just want to tell you this",  Frank went on to say. "You have touched my life by helping me make a decision for myself."  "Are you going to jail me for what I did?" Jim asked impatiently.  "I was a chain smoker and heavy drinker when I first came to this place." Frank said.  "But watching you each day picked up the trash told me something." He continued.  It told me that I need to clean myself too and become a changed person. Thus, I decided to stop all those smoking and drinking." Jim couldn't believe what he heard.  He never thought that what he was doing had an impact on someone.

You don't even need to impress someone with what you do each day.  You don't  need to think and really do the big and magnificent stuff to get people's eyes.  No.  All it takes is to live a simple and honest life that God approves.When that happens, you'll be surprised to see others coming on your way without much effort.

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